Silhouette Story

This represent “no pictures please” because that how famous I’ll be.

Read and Reflect: Silhouettes

Silhouetting is a type of photography that people use to add glamour and intensity to many everyday photographs – this can include still life, vacation pictures and even family photographs. Handled properly, the technique will inject excitement and drama into standard photographs. The technique is…

Take a vacation

I would love to go on this vacation on a hiking trip to the snow because it seems nice and want to see on top of the mountain. I want to do something that will make me work for something and have it paid of…

Read and Write: How to use strobes

You can get a kit with a flash head and a power pack, or you can get a monolight kit. The flash head contains flash tubes that emit light once supplied with high voltages. Assymetric power packs allow the user to vary the power supply…

What is your color

My color is yellow because I’m a chill person to vibe with and not hot headed I also just like the color.

Put yourself in history

I did sleeping beauty because I really love that movie and its pretty hilarious. Come on who doesn’t like seeping beauty

Meticulous Photography

This image caught my eyes because the orange flowers bring the picture together. This picture reminds me of spring because of all the green leaf’s and the bright colors.